Wedding Reception Ideas

The wedding ceremony is meant to be romantic and beautiful. Also, it is important to entertain the guests at the wedding. The reception is where the main fun begins.

Well, there are a lot of things that you need to consider while selecting the wedding reception in Gold Coast. Also, it is important to consider the size and cost of the wedding while selecting the venue. It’s a factor that adds essence to the wedding. So, make sure you hire the right wedding venue for the reception.

Luxurious hotels

Weddings are mostly conducted in fancy hotels. There would be many hotels in your country that would offer you with some grand reception packages. You can enjoy that or choose your own. If you are organising party at such suites or five star hotels, then you can hold a traditional or a modern styled wedding. Often the luxury hotels are groomed in a design to be fit for wedding reception venues. These spots can also provide easy accommodations. You can find such venues in your country and arrange for the accommodation also.

Restaurant or Bar

A restaurant or bar is also a beautiful area for special day, if you are holding a small and compact party. Such entertainment places are ideal locations for reception as you do not have to worry about the food and drinks. You can check out some of the popular and glamorous restaurants in your cities to find if they hold private parties or wedding receptions.

Wedding reception in a marquee

You can organise a nuptial at gazebo. This will add a difference to your reception. You can hire marquees that are meant for weddings. Also, you can organise theme based weddings and ask the marquee supplier to customise the marquee accordingly. You can also arrange for great entertainment activities and video and audio shows through projectors on marquee. It’s better to select a venue that has arrangement of entire catering system to give you the flavour of lip-smacking food.

Historical venues

You can choose the country houses, stately homes, citadels, etc. for the wedding. They are the best locations that can help you have a dream wedding. The historical locations add mysterious atmosphere to the event. The atmosphere speaks an unspoken romance and passion. Having wedding reception in historical venues can be a life time experience.

Sports or Social Club

You can host your wedding reception in sports or social clubs. You will often find the sports related clubs or country clubs to have large rooms that are especially fit for holding wedding receptions. You can also get them at reasonable prices. So, take a look around your city and enquire a few of them if they conduct weddings.

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