The Best Ways You Could Use To Display Your Wedding Memories Around Your Home

When it comes to your wedding day, every little thing and detail is ever so important. Not only is there a lot of hard work gone in to it, to organize and set things just as planned, but there is also the cute backstories and memories behind it. And that is why every little detail is special. And using these to forever look back on that special day and the joy you both shared, is one of the greatest ideas you could use instead of renewing marriage vows every time you feel like things are falling apart. So here are some ideas you could use.

Hold on to those scraps

While your wedding invitation, bridal shower decorations and even honeymoon tickets might mean nothing to the others, it sure does hold a lot of meaning and value to you. After all it was your big day! So make sure that you put these to good use. Instead of simply discarding these away, have them framed and hung in your bedroom or carefully designed in a fun scrap book that you can use to look back to those wedding craze days! And unlike any posed wedding pictures these would be sure to hold much more meaning and value.

The letters for future

This is a pretty famous idea that is used by many and is also pretty famous than simply taking pictures using a wedding photography hK. The idea here is to ask your guests to write down a sweet message or note to be put in to the wedding post box (you’ve probably got to set that up!). And since there is something to look forward to as time goes by, make sure that you ask your guests to write something that is truly meaningful and memorable. Collect them all and open them on your first or fifth anniversary. You could also ask your guests to write notes for every year as well, at least for ten years, so that you have something to look forward to during this entire time!

A photo wall

Without simply sticking to the good old way of preserving pictures in a wedding album, think out of the box and create a photo wall instead. Gather the best pictures that were ever captured during the whole function, from the craziest ones to the sickly sweet and professionally posed ones. Use them all and frame them in a way where you can hang them up on your wall, to create an abstract design or art! 

The mason jar pic

Some might say that this is a bit creepy, but it is truly a unique idea nevertheless. The trick here is to pick one of the best pictures you ever captured on your wedding day. Print it out and insert it into a mason jar to create a one of kind centerpiece that isn’t merely a beauty but also has a thousand memories behind it. You could also use other little details like flowers and candles, to add in more of a highlighting touch to the overall piece.

Use some of the above ideas and create the best pieces that helps you remember your big day, forever!