Tips And Things To Consider When Hosting A Wedding Reception At Home

Not a lot of people really go for the “big fat wedding” route anymore. Not unless they consider themselves celebrities or unless they have plenty of money in spare. Apart from its extravagant expense, it’s also a matter of time and tight schedules. As most people in today’s world are focused on their careers, the time it takes to organize such a huge, splashy wedding is not a luxury everyone is willing to indulge in. Hosting a reception at home can sound simple enough, and considering the time and money it’ll save, it can work better for most people. Here are a few tips and things to consider when planning on hosting a wedding reception at home.

Be mindful of the guest list

Space is definitely going to be an issue unless you have a tight guest list. If your home isn’t large enough, invite only the most important people. This may be an issue, as we have many circles, including friends and business associates to think of. In this case, it’s better to hold a smaller party exclusively for your professional friends at a later date. Remember, the smaller the guest list, the better; as it means more space for your guests to wander around, and also less expenses.

Consider an indoor-outdoor theme

Theme wise, there’s not a lot of options available for you. But an indoor-outdoor theme will work perfectly, as it allows you to use both parts of your home to host your party. While you can set up for the food indoors, you can use the outdoors (gardens, backyards and even roof tops) for the mingling and the entertainment. A dance floor hire will not cost you much, and can be easily installed (with or without a beautiful stage), even in small spaces.

Delegating tasks is important

Just because you’re hosting the party at home doesn’t mean you need to do all the work alone. Professionals can be used for cleaning and tidying up, for table and chair hire Sydney, and even for the catering and the decorating. If you want to cut down the costs by serving your guests home cooked meals, then make sure to allot at least half of it to professionals. The “responsibility” of the cake, especially, can be handed over. Remember that you’re friends and family too will be available to pitch in and help…!

Not all your guests will stay where they’re supposed to stay

Keeping your garden, seating area and the areas where you plan on serving the food alone neat and tidy won’t do; as more often than not, guests tend to wander. If your home is large enough, you might even have guests wanting to stay overnight; especially if your reception is held in the later part of the day. Apart from having to obviously prepare your home, you also need to be prepared for this.